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AcutePlus™ is the first-of-its-kind horse health membership program offered through trusted veterinarians. The members only program is designed to promote horse health and grow your relationship with your veterinarian who, in turn, rewards you with acute medical benefits, mortality benefits, concierge support, exclusive member opportunities, loyalty points, and more.

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Member Only Benefits

Concierge • Electronic Medical Records • Loyalty Points • Exclusive Events

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Wellness Benefits

Digital Passport • Microchip • Physical Exam • Performance Exam • Eastern Equine Encephalitis Vaccine • Western Equine Encephalitis Vaccine • West Nile Virus Vaccine • Rabies Vaccine • Tetanus Vaccine • Coggins (EIA) Test • Complete Blood Count • Dental Float

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Acute Medical Benefits

Covered Illness/Injuries/Services: Surgical Colic • Non Surgical Colic • Emergency C-Section • Fracture • Upper Respiratory Infection/Pneumonia • Lacerations/Abrasions/Wounds requiring sutures • Subsolar Abscess and Coffin Bone Osteomyelitis • Heat Stroke Acute Onset Laminitis • Enteritis/Colitis • Choke/Nasogastric Intubation • Bowed Tendon / Suspensory Tear • Eye Injury - Non-surgical • Ophthalmic Surgery/Enucleation • Ambulatory Transportation • Medically Necessary Diagnostics that are a part of immediate care

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Mortality Benefit

Sudden Death • Equine Mortality

It's proven that horses that receive routine well-care are less likely to require acute medical care which is how AcutePlus™ saves you money.

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