The Horse Health
Membership Plan™

The Horse Health Membership Plan™

AcutePlus™ is an innovative, members-only program for horse owners to provide exceptional care, all while saving time and money.

What is AcutePlus™?

AcutePlus™ is an all-in-one program designed by world-class equine veterinarians to suit the needs of their clients. Through AcutePlus™, they promote preventative care and offer their loyal clients routine wellness, acute medical, and final expense benefits.

Why AcutePlus?

AcutePlus™ allows horse owners to make decisions in the best interest of their horses without financial burdens. The robust plans from AcutePlus™ enable horse owners to budget and still receive top horse care without cutting corners.

AcutePlus™ provides horse owners with peace of mind through top healthcare with their trusted vet. Our plans travel with the horses wherever they may go, benefits there when you need them.

Your wellness benefits are
available immediately after
signing up.

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How AcutePlus™ Works

Choose Your Vet

You can choose any licensed vet you'd like. If you choose a partner vet you'll get loyalty points that you can redeem towards routine care, supplies and more.

Benefits Your Way

With each visit your benefits will be credited for wellcare that is included in your plan. It is a simple and easy reimbursement process for acute medical instances.

Member Only Perks

Get access to member-only benefits such as loyalty points, invitations to exclusive events and concierge support by phone, chat or email.

It's as easy as 1,2,3


Visit the Vet

You can choose any vet, but if you choose a partner vet you can show your member card and your wellness benefits will be credited to your invoice automatically.


Upload Your Invoice

If your vet is not a partner vet, don't worry. Uploading an invoice to our portal is as simple as snapping a photo and filling out a brief questionnaire for benefits.


Get Your Benefits

After your submission is reviewed, if approved, you receive a membership rebate in the mail.


Routine care benefits are active as soon as enrollment is completed! Acute medical and mortality benefits become active after the first thirty (30) days of active membership.
No, AcutePlus™ is an equine veterinary membership program with built-in benefits such as routine care, loyalty points, and concierge service. The program rewards excellent care and provides acute medical and final expense benefits when needed.
Your benefits travel with you and your horse. Members may use any vet of their choice even if they are not affiliated with AcutePlus™. However, benefits are maximized with in-network vets.
AcutePlus™ partners with leading vet clinics around the country to provide benefits to their clients and patients. To offer AcutePlus™ call (855) 502-PLUS (7587) or email

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