Our Mission

At AcutePlus™, we're on a mission to help horse owners budget while providing the best care for their horses.

Our Passion

AcutePlus™ is passionate about the relationship among veterinarian, horse and owner and works to deliver excellence in horse health. Designed to focus on member needs through improved routine care, access to acute medical care, and a dedicated concierge team, our goal is to provide superior support in wellness. We strive to make AcutePlus™ the gold standard membership plan that is designed to promote the health and welfare of every horse and provide peace of mind to every owner.

Our Company

We know equestrian sports can present inherent risks to our beloved horses. AcutePlus™ was designed by a strategic team of world-class veterinarians and experienced equine industry experts to promote the highest standard of horse health care while saving horse owners time and money.

The work of AcutePlus™ is growing. We're eager to reach more horses, owners, and veterinarians so we can further our Mission through our high-quality routine care based programs through trusted veterinarians

Giving Back

AcutePlus™ and the AcutePlus Foundation™ are dedicated to the future of equine veterinary medicine. Program profits are donated to the AcutePlus Foundation™ which contributes to internship and residency programs for large animal veterinary students to preserve the future safety and well-being of our beloved horses.

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