Things to know about AcutePlus benefits

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What is AcutePlus™?
AcutePlus™ is a wellness-centric membership program offered through participating veterinarians.
With wellness at our core, we believe preventative medicine is the best way to prevent acute medical issues. AcutePlus™ is designed to provide veterinarian practices with a way to create a customized annual program that they can offer directly to their clients and patients.
By placing preventative care first, AcutePlus™ helps clients navigate the best possible care while also building loyalty through their existing veterinary practice.
No, AcutePlus™ is a wellness-based veterinary membership program with built-in benefits such as loyalty points, concierge service, educational events, and a well-care benefit schedule. The program rewards excellent care and provides acute medical and mortality benefits if needed.
Yes, if you use a vet of your choice that is not affiliated with AcutePlus™, you will pay your vet directly and then login to your member portal at to submit your incident. You will be reimbursed by AcutePlus™ your reasonable and customary charges according to the benefit schedule up to 80% of charge, net of your shared customer responsibility.
How do I sign-up?
You can enroll your first horse by clicking here.
Is my horse eligible to receive benefits?
Horses enrolled in AcutePlus™ between the ages of 1-18 are eligible to receive these benefits. AcutePlus™ is not available for horses who compete in the sport of racing, whether under saddle or harness.
Wellness benefits are available immediately upon registration. Check with your participating veterinarian for rules on when other benefits will become available.
If you are at the practice where you enrolled, the benefits you are eligible for will be applied automatically. Your bill with your vet will be automatically adjusted and you won't pay for the covered service out-of-pocket. If you are receiving treatment at a different practice, just go to your member login to complete your incident report online. The simple form requests all information required for incident review and the company will credit you for reasonable and customary veterinarian fees once approved.
AcutePlus™ does not prevent enrollment due to pre-existing or chronic conditions, but it may affect benefit eligibility. Please visit your veterinarian’s landing page for more information on what is considered a chronic, non-reimbursable condition.
First and foremost, we are very sorry for your loss and will do everything we can to make the process of utilizing your benefit easy during this difficult time. During your veterinary visit, the attending vet for the euthanasia will need to call the approval number provided in your member documents and on your member card. Upon approval, the veterinarian will help your horse relieve pain and suffering. If the diagnosis related to euthanasia is clear, that will be reflected in the incident report. If it is unclear, a necropsy may be requested for benefit eligibility. It is your AcutePlus enrolling veterinarian's sole discretion on whether a necropsy will be required. The incident report will include medical record uploads, and we may request purchase and performance records to provide the necessary benefit. When needed, a third-party equine appraiser will review your horse's file to determine the mortality value. AcutePlus mortality benefits are subject to the horse being current on all well-care; any reimbursement is limited to the actual value of the horse up to the benefit limit and subject to any other benefits available.