Frequently Asked Questions


Routine care benefits are active as soon as enrollment is completed! Acute medical and mortality benefits become active after the first thirty (30) days of active membership.
No, AcutePlus™ is an equine veterinary membership program with built-in benefits such as routine care, loyalty points, and concierge service. The program rewards excellent care and provides acute medical and final expense benefits when needed.
Your benefits travel with you and your horse. Members may use any vet of their choice even if they are not affiliated with AcutePlus™. However, benefits are maximized with in-network vets.
AcutePlus™ partners with leading vet clinics around the country to provide benefits to their clients and patients. To offer AcutePlus™ call (855) 502-PLUS (7587) or email


1. Go to
2. Sign in to your AcutePlus™ member portal.
3. Submit an incident report with supporting details and upload a copy of your veterinary invoice.
4. Our team will follow up and request any further info needed.
AcutePlus™ will credit up to 80% of approved incidents that occur in-network, meaning there is a 20% member responsibility. Your membership plan also works at out-of-network veterinary clinics. At out-of-network clinics AcutePlus™ will credit up to 70% of approved incidents, meaning there is a 30% member responsibility.
Yes, as long as the owner of the horse has authorized a third party to enroll and/or receive benefits.
Depending on the plan level you choose, routine care benefits associated with your membership plan level may be redeemed starting day one. You may submit for these benefits in your member portal.


AcutePlus™ offers a discount for members who pay annually. To learn about this and eligibility for other discounts please call customer support at (855) 502-PLUS (7587).
Horses enrolled in AcutePlus™ between the ages of 1-18 are eligible to receive benefits. Additionally, AcutePlus™ is focused on good horse health through effective veterinary care, therefore, acute medical and final expense benefit eligibility requires horses to receive at least minimal routine care as defined in the program terms and conditions. AcutePlus™ is not available for horses who compete in the sport of racing, whether under saddle or harness.
Depending on your practice and the horse's health, you may be able to enroll your horse in a senior plan. Please call customer support at (855) 502-PLUS (7587) to learn more.
AcutePlus™ does not prevent enrollment due to pre-existing or chronic conditions, but it may affect certain benefit eligibility. Please visit the program terms and conditions for more information on what is considered a chronic, non-reimbursable condition.
Should the unexpected occur, final expense benefit eligibility requires certain documentation including a submitted incident and veterinary report.

It's important that any unexplained death is reported immediately within 3 hours of the event. If euthanasia is required Members must call the Plan Administrator prior to euthanasia, approval from Plan Administrator is required. final expense benefits are subject to the waiting period of the plan and required minimum routine care benefits as defined in the program terms and conditions.

As a condition precedent to any final expense benefit, you or your agent must have called, regardless of day or time, the Plan Administrator at 1-855-502-7587.

AcutePlus™ final expense benefits credit the value of your horse up to the plan limits as defined in the program terms and conditions. When needed, a third-party equine appraiser will review your horse's file to determine the final expense value
For each dollar spent at your primary in-network clinic you will receive one point, redeemable at 2-cents per dollar. Loyalty points can be used for any service or products purchased at in-network clinics. The utilization of AcutePlus™ routine care and acute medical benefits do not accrue points.

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